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Screaming Foot

The goal of this project was to come up with a ridiculously weird idea and take it as seriously as possible in the technical aspect.
Initially i started with the idea of making just a talking foot hanging in the air but mid project randomly decided to practice some hard surface modeling so i tried creating a sci-fi-ish hospital room with robotic arms. The project shifted from just weird comedy theme to Sci-fi/ horror.
The foot was sculpted+retopo while the mouth and teeth were modeled.
Reference: my feet, mouth and teeth.
Textures: photos of my foot and mouth with a smartphone and editing in photoshop.
Everything in the project from initial sketch on paper to modeling, textures, rigging, animations and some of the sound effects were created from scratch by me.

"Angry Face"   (cycles)

"Angry Face" (cycles)

Animation (Evee)

Toes   (cycles)

Toes (cycles)

Curl Shape keys.   (cycles)

Curl Shape keys. (cycles)

Teeth & Gums    (cycles)

Teeth & Gums (cycles)

Initial models.

Initial models.

Angry HD

Angry HD