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Dinosaur Animation - Last journey together

These are difficult times for this herd of sauropods and their "companions".
Will they make it to the other side of the valley and what are they going to find there?
Short animation created in Blender 1.81
Project consists of blocking, matte painting, modeling/sculpting, texturing, rigging and animating of 3 different types of creatures, various action strips ready for mixing in the NLA editor, simulations (leather, hair, particles, smoke, boids), render in Eevee and compositing in blender.
Other software used: Photoshop (matte painting), After Effects Color correction, Premiere Pro (audio mixing).

Early shots

Last Journey Together : Blender dinosaur animation

Wireframe, Sculpt, Hair Sim

Path Following Rig

Viewport Wireframe

Viewport Wireframe